Tradematic Privacy Policy

These terms and privacy policies apply to the software (“Software”) and the Tradematic LLC website located at, and to all relevant websites linked to the website located at and owned by Tradematic LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively referred to as the “Site”). The Software and the Site are the property of Tradematic LLC (Tradematic) and its licensors.

Tradematic is aware that users want to keep their own information confidential, to achieve its security and discreteness. This policy is designed to help users make a final decision on the use of software and the Site, as well as describe how Tradematic collects, stores and uses information about individuals who use the software and the Site.

1. Consent to the processing of information including personal data

1.1. Information including personal data is collectively referred to as "Information". This policy is a legally binding agreement between the user and Tradematic. By using the software or by visiting the Site, or by providing Tradematic Information in any other way, the user agrees to the terms of this policy and agrees to use the Information in the manner specified in this policy. The user must carefully review this policy and return to it before each use of the Software and the Site in order to make a final decision on the use of the Software and the Site, including after making changes to this policy, if any. Continued use of the Software and the Site after making changes means that the user accepts these changes. If the user does not agree with the terms of this policy, the user must (1) immediately stop the installation of the software by clicking on the button "Disagree / Decline" or remove the installed software; (2) immediately stop using the Site.

2. The composition of the processed information

2.1. Non-Personal Information

2.1.1. Tradematic processes some non-personal information, such as the approximate geographical location of the user, web requests, browser type, browser language, web pages that a user visits before or after visiting the Site, URLs, platform type, landing pages, viewed pages and the order of these pages, as well as the time spent on these pages, etc. This information is collected and stored for security purposes and in order for Treidmatic to keep statistics.

2.1.2. Tradematic handles incl. collects some non-personal information, in particular through the use of cookies. When visiting the Site, Tradematic may use one or more cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on the user's device that allow the Site to remember the user's preferences.

2.1.3. Tradematic uses web beacons. Web beacons are small pieces of code that are placed on the Site to track user behavior and use, including. Collecting Information about visitors viewing the Site. For example, web beacons can be used to count users who visit the Site.

2.2. Personal Information

2.2.1. Personal information - any information relating to the user directly or indirectly, including but not limited to name, gender, telephone number, email address or postal address and IP address. Tradematic collects such information including. when creating an account on the Site, which is necessary to access certain parts of it.

3. Purpose of Information Processing

3.1. In order to gain access to the software and the Site, users may be asked to fill out a form by providing Tradematic with any Information. Filling out the form is optional, in parts of the fields not marked with an asterisk. Providing the requested information in the additional fields of the form is not required to gain access to the software and the Site. However, refusing to fill out a form in parts of the fields marked with an asterisk, or filling out a form in parts of the fields marked with an asterisk, may contain information that can be an obstacle to accessing the software and the Site.

3.2. Tradematic handles incl. collects non-personal information for research and statistical purposes in order to be able to develop, customize and improve the software and the Site, based on user preferences, usage patterns and user interactions with the software and the Site, process user requests for information and provide the user with the most accurate user expectations of the possibility of working with software and the Site.

3.3. Tradematic handles incl. collects personal information in order to provide users with technical assistance and support that most closely matches user expectations.

4. Transfer of Information

4.1. Tradematic is entitled to transfer Information to its subsidiaries and affiliates.

4.2. Tradematic is entitled to transfer Information to third parties when it is necessary to provide access, support or improve the software and the Site. This applies to third-party advertisements and third parties. Tradematic is entitled to transfer the Information to third parties in order to provide users with promotional offers that, in the opinion of Tradematic or third parties, may be of interest to users.

4.2.1. At any time, the user may request to stop receiving certain types of promotional offers or marketing messages by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link in the email footer or by following the instructions. If the user refuses to subscribe, Tradematic will remove the user's full name, email address and telephone number from their mailing lists and from any such lists. However, the user may also need a separate cancellation of offers sent by third parties. The user should keep in mind that in order to send the user advertising materials, a third party can assign the user a username and password that will allow the user to access the site through an account. The user can contact a third party at any time to delete an account.

4.3. Tradematic is entitled to share the Information with (1) third parties that provide goods and services to Tradematic; (2) auditors and consultants who test any business processes in Tradematic; (3) any potential buyers or investors in Tradematic.

4.4. Any use of the Information by any third party is carried out in accordance with applicable law. Third parties are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information and use it only for purposes agreed with Tradematic.

4.5. A Tradematic is entitled to transfer the Information to third parties in special cases, if the Tradematic has reasonable grounds to believe that it is necessary: ​​(1) to comply with the law; (2) identify, prevent the commission of crimes, violations of this Policy or interfere with the operation of the Software and the Site; or (3) protection from damage to the rights, property or safety of the Tradematic, partners of the Tradematic, affiliated with the Tradematic of individuals, other users.

5. Period of storage of information

5.1. Storage of information will be no longer than required by the purpose of its use. Information shall be destroyed or depersonalized upon reaching the use goals or in case of loss of the need to achieve these goals.

6. User rights

6.1. The user has the right to access, correct, update or object to the use of the Information by written request to Tradematic.

7. Security and Privacy Information

7.1. Tradematic is strictly confidential to the Information, and the server on which this Information is to be stored includes the necessary standard security measures to prevent accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to the Information. However, Tradematic cannot fully guarantee the security of the Information, its nondisclosure, immutability or integrity, and it should be emphasized that the user assumes this risk.

8. Software and websites of third parties

8.1. This Policy applies only to the Software and the Site. This Policy does not apply to software and websites of third parties. Software and third-party sites may have their own privacy policies. The inclusion of links to software and websites of third parties in the Software and the Website is not a recommendation of such software or website.Software and third-party sites may contain information or services that are illegal or information that some users may find inappropriate or offensive. Before using the software and third-party sites, Tradematic recommends that you familiarize yourself with the documents governing the use of such software and sites. The user uses the software and websites of third parties at his own risk and acknowledges that Tradematic does not bear any responsibility for their content.

9. Succession

9.1. Tradematic rights may be freely alienated or transferred from one person to another in the order of universal succession (reorganization).

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