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Webinar «Trading Robots Development in Tradematic Trader»

Create your own trading robot without programming.

Bruce Babcock once said: “It is impossible to predict the market. But to earn money, you don’t need it”. So how to earn money then? Michael Sapenyuk, professional algorithmic trader with 10 years experience, will answer this question.

As a result of attending this webinar:
You will learn how to create trading robots, using ready-made rules from Visual Strategy Builder.
You will see how to backtest and optimize robots.
You will learn how to evaluate trading robot efficiency.

Plan for the webinar:
1. What is trading strategy?
2. Advantages of systematic trading
3. Types of trading strategies
4. Tradematic Trader intro
5. Creating trading robot in Visual Strategy Builder
6. Strategy backtesting and optimization
7. Trading strategy launch.

Date and Time

19.12.2019 at 19:00 UTC+0


Michael Sapenyuk




Quick intro video (14 min)

In this video you can see Tradematic Trader basic features:
— Setting connection to brokerage company or cryptocurrency exchange
— Creating new trading strategy without programming
— Backtesting on historical data
— Trading strategy optimization
— Trading strategy launch

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